Columbus Accounting

A business intelligence framework for the Columbus suite



Effective decision-making relies on accurate management information. Columbus Accounting is a business intelligence (BI) framework that provides comprehensive reporting on every aspect of your organization's printing and digital delivery processes to help you identify how you can save costs and drive continuous service improvement.

Columbus Accounting extracts valuable operational data from your document management and delivery systems and supports a wide range of business activities, including:

  • Cost analysis and billing - accurate measurement of digital and printed document volumes by user name, document type, department or company, to allow cross charging, customer billing and improved cost control
  • Forecasting and capacity planning - reporting on trends, such as print volumes over time, or peaks in online document access, to determine when infrastructure upgrades will be required
  • Print infrastructure optimization - assessing reliability, running costs and actual use versus capacity for different printers in order to identify potential savings, for example, by removing costly, error-prone or underused devices
  • Service level reporting - measuring performance against key targets such as time to print, or identifying problems such as failing to meet minimum thresholds for printer availability


  • Enterprise data collection
    Key data from your Columbus systems are collected daily and stored in an industry standard datamart format, providing a wealth of historical information that can be queried and reported on to provide important operational insight
  • User-friendly administrator functions
    An intuitive administrator interface makes it easy to schedule and monitor the collection of Columbus data to provide a regular source of up-to-date business intelligence
  • Automated data collection
    Fully automated data collection and aggregation lead to lower administrative overheads
  • A powerful reporting engine
    Columbus Accounting works seamlessly with JasperReports Server, a leading reporting engine that allows you to manage reporting centrally and schedule reports with ease
  • Flexible user-driven reporting
    Non-technical users can search through reports, perform drill-down analysis and run ad hoc reports by simply changing parameters such as date ranges and thresholds
  • Advanced report design
    Sample reports are included to get you started; new reports, containing charts, images, sub-reports and cross-tabs can be created quickly using the Jaspersoft Studio report designer, and published in a wide range of output formats, including PDF, XLS and XML
  • Support for all major reporting tools
    The Columbus Accounting datamart is designed to work with any industry standard reporting software in addition to, or in place of, JasperReports
Columbus Accounting is part of the Columbus suite for smarter information delivery, which also includes:
  • Columbus Central - multi-channel delivery and document workflow 
  • Columbus DoXite - intelligent document composition 
  • Columbus DW - format transformation, presentment and compliant storage of documents and data
  • Columbus OM - assured open systems output management
  • Columbus Z - assured mainframe output management

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