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Columbus DW manages the information that organizations rely on for communicating with customers, driving business operations and achieving regulatory compliance. Business content from across the enterprise can be pooled and accessed through multiple channels to help you streamline the way you work, deliver great service and accelerate digital transformation.

Fast to implement and simple to use, Columbus DW offers the performance and versatility you need from an enterprise content management (ECM) system. Huge volumes of diverse digital assets can be quickly captured, organized, shared and analyzed: everything from documents, data records and images to voice recordings, chat logs and video. Columbus DW allows you to connect people with the information they want, through the channels they choose – including web portals, email, social media, apps, chat, messaging, and more.

All information is controlled and secured throughout its lifecycle to meet your data protection and compliance requirements, including legal archiving, long-term retention and deletion in line with your corporate policies.

Using Columbus DW, with its ability to reformat your content dynamically to suit the audience and the channel, gives you the flexibility to realize your digital communications strategy without making any changes to your core business applications.

New: self-service portal

Launch new customer and employee portals within days

  • No web development effort
  • Customizable branding and content
  • In-built security and scalability

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  • Universal data capture
    Documents and data from any application, on any platform, can be captured automatically and stored alongside office documents, emails, video and audio files and scanned images; a '360 degree’ view of all correspondence for each customer supports personalized customer service
  • Dynamic transformation
    Your stored content is converted automatically into standard formats for digital delivery and presentment, or printing, while transformation to XML enables content to be exchanged directly with other business applications
  • Information lifecycle management
    An integral Document Lifecycle Manager allows you to control content classification, retention and deletion at end of life, to meet your regulatory archiving obligations
  • Security and auditing
    Document encryption, redaction, versioning and tamper-evident auditing combine with user-level and document-level security to control access to your confidential data and ensure compliance with statutory directives
  • Delivering business insights
    A Dynamic Indexing feature allows authorized users to analyze content from your entire document history; data can also be exported to third party business intelligence systems and to analytics engines such as IBM Watson
  • Ease of use
    You can easily locate information using index and free text searches, and process and approve documents using workflow indexes
  • Flexible access
    A responsive browser interface is optimized for desktop, laptop and tablet access and can be tailored to fit your target audience and corporate branding; a mobile app makes it easy to access documents from your phone; 'pop up' viewers provide seamless document access from any business application; and certified interfaces provide tight integration with SAP ERP systems
  • Enterprise architecture
    Columbus DW is designed to service millions of users and can store billions of documents, in an efficient, compressed format
  • Integrated business intelligence
    Columbus Accounting provides detailed statistics on every aspect of your enterprise content management environment, to support capacity planning, service level reporting and usage-based billing


Columbus DW is a core component of the Columbus enterprise information management suite, which also includes:

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